A serviced apartment is a particular kind of house accessible for rent in most main metropolitan areas. They are totally furnished with a variety of appliances and furnishings. Full or limited kitchen amenities are one most common feature of these facilities. They are accessible for guests who need either a short-term or a relatively long-term stay.

Serviced apartments are usually divided into two categories. They are differentiated by their intended reason and the target marketplace for the living amenities.

Corporate housing is particularly planned for the use of travelling businessmen. They are generally located within a short space of the central business district of their relevant cities. Mayfair has many corporate housing facilities spread around its outer edge and border. The rental fees are frequently complete, covering bills for water, electricity, cleaning, telephone, internet access & a host of other utilities. The minimum time for a stay is generally around a month. If you are only staying for a couple of weeks, hire an apartment rental short term supplier might be a great option.


For business meetings you constantly need to be about places where moving is easy. There is no putting your visitors through harrowing town traffic when you can simply book a comfy place with good connections and great moving facilities.

Long stay hotels are the more well-liked version of serviced apartments. Also describe apart hotels, these facilities, numerous of the convenience of a 24 hour hotel setting with the comfort of a more intimate home-like surroundings. For instance, a Mayfair apartment rental short term resident will have a range of option from studio bedrooms to elaborate penthouse suites, all of which have included kitchen facilities.

Outstanding Customer Service and Amenities At serviced apartments

The exclusive selling point of a serviced apartment is its client service. Hospitality never takes a hit at these places. Your business guests will never have a reason to complain about the service accessible at serviced apartments.

Spacious Home-Like Atmosphere

Unlike several cheap hotels your visitors will not be stifled through the lack of space. Housing are not pigeonholes. Extra space in the room’s means there is constantly a possibility of calling your industry associates over for an after meeting drink or what suits you. Accommodating surprising guests is rather simple at a serviced apartment. Try getting that level of flexibility from a customary hotel and you will see why business serviced apartments are superior.

There is a much well-liked saying that no place on this globe is as good and better as your very own home. Working away from house has its own implications, and if that implication tip in favor of making you totally worn-out, then dwelling in a place that give you home like facilities is not a terrible idea at all.

In such ways stay only in the serviced apartments you can enjoy life’s whole lifestyles and living styles that really make your way of living standard extremely luxurious and hassle free. You will not have to face any difficulty for anything while all the facilities are accessible all the time just you require demand. This is the motive that the people generally select the serviced apartments for making their living excellent.