Sexual wellbeing is mandatory to have a healthy mind and body. Most obviously, such sexual wellbeing is achieved by the sexual intimacies and moments between the two sexual partners. It is commonly accepted that sexual pleasure and intimacy is heightened by the achievement of orgasm. By the literal sense of the word, the term does not have any bearing with the size of the organ. But it is the ultimate height of pleasure a sexual activity can provide.But considering the busy and hectic life schedules that we follow these days, the stress affects our life as well as our relations. Even when we are physically and sexually intimate, work remains at the back of our mind. In such a situation, attaining orgasm is a far and distant dream. More so ever when that attaining of orgasm is dependent on another person entangled with moods and expectations of him, such orgasm becomes practically impossible. Many times, ensuring erection for a suitable time is also challenging. This problem can be solved by taking Stay on Capsules, a medication that has changed the lives of many people.


The relationship between two people of opposite sex holds a lot of fascination. One can watch this relationship at close quarters and see it growing year after year. The passion fruit has been tasted by Adam and Eve and since then the man-woman relationship has been defined. With every passing day, the passion between couple is reaching the new heights. The sexual desire and attraction between two people has gained a lot of significance and dominance since the human beings cameinto existence. It is not as if, this sexual passion is predominant in men and not in women. The urges are same in both sexes but some give way to this urge quite readily and some keep it bottled within.

Sexual intercourse is an act that helps people to derive a lot of pleasure which can be enjoyed by people in privacy. The moments of togetherness are must for cherishing. With increasing stress and work pressures and hectic life schedules, the change in relations is being perceived. There is no time to spend with the partners and this started having an impact on the lives of the people.This deprives people from simple pleasure in life. People are piling their sexual urges and pleasures without giving a way to satisfy them. This results in a lot of frustration. This frustration and depression, if not treated well in time can bring about a lot of strain in the relationships and have a negative impact on the mind and body. Taking Stay On Power Capsules can help people look forward to an amazing sexual experience with their sexualpartners.

Considering the immense importance of such sexual pleasure and attainment of orgasm, there are specific companies which have come out with customized medications to help achieve and fulfil the sexual pleasures apart from attaining orgasms. These capsules are totally safe and can help enhance pleasure to a significant extent.