The new concept of distance learning is the element of e-learning with the course. The e-learning is the electronically based learning that is executed with the help of internet. The lifestyle of India and the world has told us the importance of internet. Internet has come in every sphere of our lives. Education has also been affected with the coming of internet. People can easily access the internet for anything and if education is imparted through this medium then it will highly convenient and easy. People from different parts of the world can study at the same time while residing in their respective countries. The distance learning MBA in Mumbai has the same features of the internet based education learning.

E-learning is a concept of learning where the teachers and professors of the university schools upload their online classes for different subjects and disciple from time to time. These classes can be specially developed for the online tutorials or can be those regular classes that are being held at various MBA colleges. The distance MBA Mumbai is an upcoming way to study via the e-campus or the e-learning mode of education.


  • Flexible mode of teaching and learning process

The e-learning mode of education is a very flexible and liberal way of teaching as well as learning. The students can learn the various educational concepts and theories via the e-campus facility. This facility provides online material and e-classes for the students to study at any point of time. They can access the classes while sitting at any place. There is no compulsion of attending any regular classes with this medium of learning.

  • Better retention

New things and inventions always gather attention of people. The e-learning mode of study is a very attractive way of studying. It helps in retaining more and more of information for maximum time.

  • Best mode for people who work and study simultaneously

The e-learning technique of distance education is a great combination of flexibility and convenience according to one’s needs and requirements. The people who work and study simultaneously can choose this mode of learning. There is no compulsion of time and place with this mode of learning, so it becomes very convenient for people to study at odd hours.

  • Study become a part of enjoyment

Studying through the online portal can be way more interesting and enjoyable than the conventional classroom classes. The element of enjoyment attached with studies can be highly beneficial for the retaining of educational information.

  • Lower costs are involved than the regular classes.

The only requirement for this type of learning is the laptop or computer and the internet connection. The expense of travelling to the college for attending college does not exist in the e-learning mode of learning.

Thus, all these reasons make the element of e-learning via distance education very useful. One may also think why this learning mode is only efficient in distance education and not regular colleges. The answer to this is that distance education like the distance MBA Mumbai is oriented to the working professionals.